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Option: Bearing workshop
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You always say you want to clean and maintain your bearings, but you don't know how?? TDS has a workshop for that!

In this workshop you will clean your own bearings while learning the all and everything about cleaning and maintaining them.

You will learn about the differences between types and how they work. you can ask any question regarding bearings.You will go home with clean and lubed bearings and all the knowledge needed to maintain your bearings in the future.All tools and necessities will be provided for during the workshop, also cookies will maybe-probably-nessesitively be involved.

The workshop will be held at TDS headquaters, located at the Czaar Peterstraat 247 in Amsterdam.

We will start at 19.00u, come to the shop a bit early to set yourself up. We aim to finish around 21.00u, and after that there is time to shop.

The workshop will be in Dutch as well as in English, whatever people need to help them understand.

What to bring: you own wheels with bearings still in them. No need to bring your skates.Also bring any tools you have that you normally use for your skates and wheels. It's a practical workshop, so you will learn by doing and the best way to do that is to use your own tools.

You will leave with clean and lubricated bearings at the end of the workshop :)

Hope to see you there!


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