S1 Visor helmet

S1 Visor helmet
Afbeelding van S1 Visor helmet
Afbeelding van S1 Visor helmet
Afbeelding van S1 Visor helmet
Afbeelding van S1 Visor helmet

The trusted S1 Lifer helmet with visor

€ 125,-


The S1 Lifer Helmet is one of the best fitting and safest helmets for Skateboarding, Longboarding, BMX and Roller Derby. The Lifer Helmet is a Certified "multi-impact" helmet ànd high impact helmet.

The Lifer helmet is a break through design combining the added safety of a CPSC and ASTM certified helmet with a high level of comfort. The S1 Lifer Helmet is the best fitting High impact and Multiple Impact helmet on the market. This Helmet uses a specially formulated EPS Fusion Foam which allows it to protect your head from multiple low force impacts as well as high impacts.

This version comes with a detachable visor!

S1 Lifer Helmet w/ Visor Specifications

Helmet Certifications:

• ASTM 1492 Certified for Multiple Low Force Impacts

• CPSC 1203 Certified for Single High Impacts

• EN 1078 Certified (European Impact Certification)

Visor Specifications:

• High Impact Polycarbonate to Prevent Shattering on Impact

• Optically Correct Lens

• Anti-Fog Coating on inside of Visor to help prevent fogging

• Anti-Scratch Coating on the Outside of the Visor to help prevent minor scratches and nicks

• Patented "Cover Catcher" to allow for Multiple Helmet Covers to be worn with easy on off

• In Mold Mounting Hardware so that the Visor can be Removed and Replaced if Needed

Please state which size you want in the comments when ordering.


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