Riedell Torch

Riedell Torch
Afbeelding van Riedell Torch

Riedell Torch skate pack

€ 625,-


The revolutionary Riedell Torch roller skate was designed to further push the boundaries of what a skate should do for the demanding derby athlete. The agility and instant response of the Model 495 boot is enhanced through the grip, roll, and edge control provided by the high performance Radar Halo wheels. PowerDyne Jupiter toe stops allow you to stop quickly and maneuver in tight spaces while KwiK Zenith bearings work to get you rolling faster. The quick and lively core of the Torch, the PowerDyne Reactor Neo Series plate, keeps you secure and transfer your power efficiently at all times. Trust the Torch to exceed your expectations and take your game to the next level.

Boot: 495 Black

Plate: PowerDyne Reactor Neo Alumium

Wheels: Radar Halo 93A Pink

Bearings: KwiK Zenith

Toe Stop: PowerDyne Jupiter


3/13 Full Half, B/AA (Delta) D/B (Gamma) widths

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