Riedell Solaris

Riedell Solaris
Afbeelding van Riedell Solaris

The Solaris is built on the new C/AA Contour Fit last, which features a modern, natural shaped toe area and an all-new Dynamic Response Outsole is durable, light, and sleek. The V-Lock offers unmatched heel security without irritation, while the collar is rolled and curved to gently caress the natural shape of the ankle. All-new perforated microfiber liner offers increased durability and reduces foot slippage. Advanced treatments provide odour and moisture resistance.The Solaris is equipped with new, lighter, less-rigid heat-mouldable material on both sides of both boots.

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The Last

The Solaris is built on the new C/AA ContourFit last. Keeping the same heel-snugging characteristics as our traditional B/AA last, the C/AA ContourFit last features a modern toe area for a relaxed fit on the skater’s toe; a design that more-naturally follows the shape of the foot. This fit, when combined with the Solaris’s lacing pattern that goes all the way to the end of the toes, offers the skater unparalleled flexibility to adjust the fit of the boot to their liking.

The Outsole

Perhaps the most noticeable feature of the Solaris is the new outsole. Stronger than the traditional leather outsole but lighter in weight, the Dynamic Response Outsole of the Riedell Solaris increases the performance from this component of the boot and adds a sleek, modern look that is capped off, literally, with a molded toe protection piece. The toe protector is a separate piece that is bonded to both the outsole and the boot during construction of the Solaris.

The Dynamic Response Outsole is not a carbon fiber component, but rather a composite material that has a strength-to-weight ratio similar to carbon fiber. As an added benefit, the composite material that makes up the Dynamic Response Outsole is user-friendly to those mounting plates and performing skate maintenance. Two small dots, one in the front and one in the back, give the user guidelines to find the centerline of the outsole, and the material itself is durable and can be drilled through cleanly without worrying about fracturing carbon fiber or grinding up other outsole/insole systems that feature several layers of laminated materials.

Heel Closure

The V-Lock strap foot lower than traditionally located straps or webbing systems, and it wraps around the sides and top of the foot at the instep and ankle area to offer unmatched heel security.

Additional Features

Intelligent design exists throughout the Solaris. The collar is rolled and curved to gently caress the natural shape of the ankle. The tongue features our signature “Fox” double-slit panel to eliminate unwanted tongue rotation, a design first introduced on the Blue Streak. Additionally, the tongue features true dual density padding (two separate materials, not a blended material that makes compromises) to prevent lace bite. The liner is an all-new perforated microfiber with advanced treatments to improve grip, durability, odor resistance and moisture resistance. The support in the front half of the Solaris has also been completely re-thought. Replacing the rigid heat-moldable material that was previously located in only the outside half of the right boot is a new heat-moldable material that is more comfortable and is located on both sides of both boots for equal support throughout.


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