Opening hours

Tuesday 12 - 6pm

Wednesday 12 - 5pm

Friday 11 - 5pm

Saturday 11 - 5pm

Saturdays tend to be very busy, and I can only help 1 person at a time. If you can, try to come during the week. Thanks!

The best way to contact TDS is by writing an email: You will get a reply within 24 hours.

You can also try to call the shop during opening hours. I pick up the phone whenever I can. But not if I'm helping a customer.


no events for now.



22 maart M√ľnster DE: ReTournament of the Living Dead CANCELLED!

19 jan Breda: Double header


24 nov Amsterdam: Triple Header

10 nov Utrecht: Double header

Closed for a holiday from 28 July till 20 August

21 juli Amsterdam Oosterpark: Rolling Blockparty

30 juni Amsterdam: Double header

16 juni Nijmegen, Small Teams Tournament

29 & 30 mei: Hemelvaart shop is CLOSED!

26 mei Utrecht: Double header

11 & 12 mei Stroopwafel Cup Amsterdam

27 april: Koningsdag shop is CLOSED!

14 april Rotterdam: Harbour Cup

31 maart Amsterdam: Double header

24 maart Nijmegen: Rookie Bootcamp

3 feb Amsterdam: Double Header


2 dec Amsterdam: Double header Amsterdam Roller Derby

30 sept Rotterdam: Double Header

18 sept Arnhem, Rookie workshop

16 juni Rotterdam: Triple Header

9 & 10 juni Amsterdam: Stroopwafel Cup & shop is closed!

1 juni @shop: bearing workshop

10 mei: Hemelvaart shop is CLOSED!

6 mei Amsterdam: Double Header Amsterdam Roller Derby

5 mei: Bevrijdingsdag shop is OPEN!

27 april: Koningsdag shop is CLOSED!

13 april @shop: bearing workshop

13 maart Arnhem: FM workshop (besloten) (shop gaat eerder dicht!)

10 maart Den Haag: Double Header PoP Derby

7 maart Utrecht: FM workshop (besloten)

25 feb Amsterdam: Double Header Amsterdam Roller Derby


3 dec Nijmegen: Roller Derby Double Header hosted by Roller Derby Twente

18 & 19 nov Hoofddorp: Road To Barcelona: Going Dutch

29 okt Rotterdam: Double Header

13 sept Arnhem: FM workshop (besloten)

14 juli - 31 juli: TDS on vacation, shop is closed

26 juni @TDS: Workshop SKATE maintenance This date is cancelled!

27 mei Rotterdam: Double Header RRD

13 mei Utrecht: Home game Dom City Dolls

9 april Amsterdam: All Stars vs Limerick Roller Derby :: B.ADD vs Night Terrors

31 maart @shop: Friday evening Workshop bearing maintenance

26 maart Enschede: Roller Derby Twente vs Roller Derby Groningen (CO-ED game)

11 maart Rotterdam: RRD presents: double header (A/B)

4 maart Amsterdam: Workshop bearing maintenance

19 feb Amsterdam: All Stars vs The Rolling Candies :: b.add vs Roller Derby Twente

12 feb Nijmegen: Double Header Roadkill Rollers

21 jan Valkenswaard: The Beasts are Back!!!!! BOTB part III

14 jan Enschede: Roller Derby Twente & friends vs. The World - Exhibition Game!

13 jan Amsterdam: Kid Block @ the shop! yes, you read correctly & info will follow!


22 dec - 4 jan: TDS is CLOSED!

10&11 dec Eindhoven: Nederlands Kampioenschap Roller derby 2016

26 nov Rotterdam: RRD presents: double header (Bees/Cockroaches)

13 nov Amsterdam: Double Header ARD

12 okt Utrecht: FM workshop (besloten)

4 okt Amsterdam: FM workshop (besloten)

2 okt @shop: Bearing workshop (pilot) FULL!

18 sept Utrecht: Double header

5 sept Rotterdam: FM workshop (besloten)

15 juni Utrecht: FM workshop (besloten)

11 June Rotterdam: Triple header

8 juni Groningen: Workshop (besloten)

4 juni Eindhoven: Rock 'n Roller derby

14 May Amsterdam: Double header

23 May Rotterdam: FM training (besloten)

28 May Utrecht: Double header

16 April Rotterdam: RRD presents: Double header (A/B teams)

21 Feb Amsterdam: Amsterdam Derby Dames vs Dock City Rollers and Bembel Town


13 Dec Amsterdam: Amsterdam Derby Dames vs Portsmouth Roller Wenches and STRD C-Stars

12 Dec Rotterdam: Rotterdam Roller Derby Presents: End of year double header!

3 Okt Utrecht: * Dom City Dolls * Double Header

11 Okt Utrecht: * Fresh Meat Night * Open Training *

17 Okt Groningen: Live Roller Derby in Groningen

26 Sept Rotterdam: Sur5al: RRD's 5th anniversary

20 Sept Amsterdam: ADD - Fresh Meat Day & Amsterdam Derby Dames Open House

29 Aug Eindhoven: Rock 'n Roller Derby 2015 | Beursgebouw Eindhoven

11 Juli Rotterdam: The Netherlands' first ever TRIPLE HEADER

7 Juni Utrecht: * Fresh Meat Night * Open Training *

2 Mei Amsterdam: Double header: Amsterdam Derby Dames vs Team Dragon and Liege Holy Wheels Menace

19 April Breda: DOUBLE HEADER: SCRNRD vs. AFA & NLR vs. PP11&12 April Amsterdam: Women's Bootcamp: Have Mercy!

18 April Enschede: 5 year Derbyversary - Eastside Rock'nRollers (drop off only)

21 Maart Utrecht: ** Dom City Dolls vs Suck City Rock'n Roller Dolls * Live Roller Derby **

7/8 Maart Nantes (BE): West Track Story III (drop off only)

14 Feb Amsterdam: Amsterdam Derby Dames vs Namur Roller Girls and Les Gueuses de Pigalle

8 Feb Utrecht: * Fresh Meat Night * Open Training *

30 Jan Groningen: Fresh Meat training - Groningen Roller Derby

17 Jan Amsterdam: Amsterdam Derby Dames - Fresh Meat Day (all genders!)