Opening hours

Tuesday 12 - 5pm

Wednesday 12 - 5pm

Friday 12 - 5pm

Saturday 12 - 5pm

No appointment is nessesary, maximun number of people in the shop is 2. Face mask is mandetory, please wear it over your mouth and nose at all times.

If there are already 2 people in the shop, please wait outside. Be aware some people are in the shop for extensive purchases and this might take longer. We ask for your patience.

The best way to contact TDS is by writing an email: You will get a reply within 24 hours.

You can also try to call the shop during opening hours. I pick up the phone whenever I can. But not if I'm helping a customer.


no events for now.... Stay tuned~!



22 maart M√ľnster DE: ReTournament of the Living Dead CANCELLED!

19 jan Breda: Double header


24 nov Amsterdam: Triple Header

10 nov Utrecht: Double header

Closed for a holiday from 28 July till 20 August

21 juli Amsterdam Oosterpark: Rolling Blockparty

30 juni Amsterdam: Double header

16 juni Nijmegen, Small Teams Tournament

29 & 30 mei: Hemelvaart shop is CLOSED!

26 mei Utrecht: Double header

11 & 12 mei Stroopwafel Cup Amsterdam

27 april: Koningsdag shop is CLOSED!

14 april Rotterdam: Harbour Cup

31 maart Amsterdam: Double header

24 maart Nijmegen: Rookie Bootcamp

3 feb Amsterdam: Double Header


2 dec Amsterdam: Double header Amsterdam Roller Derby

30 sept Rotterdam: Double Header

18 sept Arnhem, Rookie workshop

16 juni Rotterdam: Triple Header

9 & 10 juni Amsterdam: Stroopwafel Cup & shop is closed!

1 juni @shop: bearing workshop

10 mei: Hemelvaart shop is CLOSED!

6 mei Amsterdam: Double Header Amsterdam Roller Derby

5 mei: Bevrijdingsdag shop is OPEN!

27 april: Koningsdag shop is CLOSED!

13 april @shop: bearing workshop

13 maart Arnhem: FM workshop (besloten) (shop gaat eerder dicht!)

10 maart Den Haag: Double Header PoP Derby

7 maart Utrecht: FM workshop (besloten)

25 feb Amsterdam: Double Header Amsterdam Roller Derby


3 dec Nijmegen: Roller Derby Double Header hosted by Roller Derby Twente

18 & 19 nov Hoofddorp: Road To Barcelona: Going Dutch

29 okt Rotterdam: Double Header

13 sept Arnhem: FM workshop (besloten)

14 juli - 31 juli: TDS on vacation, shop is closed

26 juni @TDS: Workshop SKATE maintenance This date is cancelled!

27 mei Rotterdam: Double Header RRD

13 mei Utrecht: Home game Dom City Dolls

9 april Amsterdam: All Stars vs Limerick Roller Derby :: B.ADD vs Night Terrors

31 maart @shop: Friday evening Workshop bearing maintenance

26 maart Enschede: Roller Derby Twente vs Roller Derby Groningen (CO-ED game)

11 maart Rotterdam: RRD presents: double header (A/B)

4 maart Amsterdam: Workshop bearing maintenance

19 feb Amsterdam: All Stars vs The Rolling Candies :: b.add vs Roller Derby Twente

12 feb Nijmegen: Double Header Roadkill Rollers

21 jan Valkenswaard: The Beasts are Back!!!!! BOTB part III

14 jan Enschede: Roller Derby Twente & friends vs. The World - Exhibition Game!

13 jan Amsterdam: Kid Block @ the shop! yes, you read correctly & info will follow!


22 dec - 4 jan: TDS is CLOSED!

10&11 dec Eindhoven: Nederlands Kampioenschap Roller derby 2016

26 nov Rotterdam: RRD presents: double header (Bees/Cockroaches)

13 nov Amsterdam: Double Header ARD

12 okt Utrecht: FM workshop (besloten)

4 okt Amsterdam: FM workshop (besloten)

2 okt @shop: Bearing workshop (pilot) FULL!

18 sept Utrecht: Double header

5 sept Rotterdam: FM workshop (besloten)

15 juni Utrecht: FM workshop (besloten)

11 June Rotterdam: Triple header

8 juni Groningen: Workshop (besloten)

4 juni Eindhoven: Rock 'n Roller derby

14 May Amsterdam: Double header

23 May Rotterdam: FM training (besloten)

28 May Utrecht: Double header

16 April Rotterdam: RRD presents: Double header (A/B teams)

21 Feb Amsterdam: Amsterdam Derby Dames vs Dock City Rollers and Bembel Town


13 Dec Amsterdam: Amsterdam Derby Dames vs Portsmouth Roller Wenches and STRD C-Stars

12 Dec Rotterdam: Rotterdam Roller Derby Presents: End of year double header!

3 Okt Utrecht: * Dom City Dolls * Double Header

11 Okt Utrecht: * Fresh Meat Night * Open Training *

17 Okt Groningen: Live Roller Derby in Groningen

26 Sept Rotterdam: Sur5al: RRD's 5th anniversary

20 Sept Amsterdam: ADD - Fresh Meat Day & Amsterdam Derby Dames Open House

29 Aug Eindhoven: Rock 'n Roller Derby 2015 | Beursgebouw Eindhoven

11 Juli Rotterdam: The Netherlands' first ever TRIPLE HEADER

7 Juni Utrecht: * Fresh Meat Night * Open Training *

2 Mei Amsterdam: Double header: Amsterdam Derby Dames vs Team Dragon and Liege Holy Wheels Menace

19 April Breda: DOUBLE HEADER: SCRNRD vs. AFA & NLR vs. PP11&12 April Amsterdam: Women's Bootcamp: Have Mercy!

18 April Enschede: 5 year Derbyversary - Eastside Rock'nRollers (drop off only)

21 Maart Utrecht: ** Dom City Dolls vs Suck City Rock'n Roller Dolls * Live Roller Derby **

7/8 Maart Nantes (BE): West Track Story III (drop off only)

14 Feb Amsterdam: Amsterdam Derby Dames vs Namur Roller Girls and Les Gueuses de Pigalle

8 Feb Utrecht: * Fresh Meat Night * Open Training *

30 Jan Groningen: Fresh Meat training - Groningen Roller Derby

17 Jan Amsterdam: Amsterdam Derby Dames - Fresh Meat Day (all genders!)