Mota Mojo Carbon

Mota Mojo Carbon
Afbeelding van Mota Mojo Carbon

Mojo is Mota’s original quad boot. Mid-top, the most popular all-around height used for all types and levels of skating.

€ 349,-


All Mojo boots have anatomical carbon integrated with moldable technology, this means flexible and moldable arches to accommodate a wide range of foot types. These also allow for improved edge-work and performance; very responsive!

  • Moldable for custom fit (optional)
  • The carbon models are 100% vegan!
  • Zip lace cover (can be cut off)
  • Anatomical foot bed
  • Heel lifts to allow for 5mm or 7mm lift
  • Microfiber upper and inside lining, no streching
  • Velcro ankle strap, adjustable/removable/replaceable
  • Waxed Laces

Mojo Carbon quad boots provide an unparalleled fit & performance quality, named “Smart-Fit”. Smart-Fit includes an extreme fitted heel cup, anatomical last, built in anatomical foot bed, anatomical toe box that follows the shape of your foot and gives your toes more space for control and comfort.

SMART-FIT also means: heat moldable for a custom fit:

Mojo Boots have been designed with moldable options but heat molding is not mandatory. Molding can be repeated as many times as needed without sacrificing the integrity of the boot.

Heel Cup: Designed with an snug fit, because our heel cup is moldable we ensured the fit is tight for no slipping. Reduces blister as well as enhances performance.

Anatomical Foot Bed: All Mojo boots come stock with integrated foot beds that provide side to side support, have a slight toe lift for more control, metatarsal support to help keep toes apart and relaxed, ball space to prevent blisters and calluses. Overall Mota foot beds prolong skating through comfort and performance.

Toe Box: Anatomical toe box that gives your toes more space for control and comfort. Also the toe shape eliminates space in front of your toes, allowing for the correct size chassis (nearly resembling your chassis being mounted to the bottom of your foot.) The foot print of the boot is as close to that of your foot as you can get without full custom.


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