Luigino Vertigo Q4

Luigino Vertigo Q4
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Designed from a female foot-last/shape, Luigino Vertigo is an all new quad boot concept. As always, Nistevo approaches new product design with the idea of first and foremost enhancing skater performance.

The Luigino Vertigo Q4 Boot offers a unique fit concept not seen in traditional derby boots. The uppers are made of microfiber and the boot has leather board counters that allow you to utilize the AquaTech molding to get a perfect customized fit. The microfiber liner works with the Pro Evolution Footbed to achieve an anatomical molded fit, unlike flat like traditional boots. The Barefoot Technology allows a snug, yet comfortable fit that maximizes power transfer and overall performance. Poron padding throughout the boot provides added security, protection, and durability.


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