Most skates are sold out!

All recreational skates under 250 euro are sold out, we have no stock at the moment.

Read the discriptions of the items, the info you need is most likely there.

As soon as something comes in, it will show on the webshop. We will most likely also shout it from the rooftops on social media. You can follow TDS on Instagram and/or Facebook.

Definitions and Frequently Asked Questions

"How do I know if you have a skate (or other item) in stock?" - If you select the size on the webshop you can see if that size is in stock in the shop. Anything in the shop is also on the website.

“I forgot something on my order, can I add it?” There is an option (COMING SOON!) on checkout to “add to my existing order”. This is a great way to top up your order, and not pay additional shipping. Please note, your original order may be already packed, and possibly shipped – shoot us a email if you are doubtful. It also helps us tremendously if you tell us the original order number that the shipping is paid on.

“Can you hold items?” – We do not hold or reserve any items.

"I’m new to roller skating! How do I start?" - Let’s find out your skate size first! Check out our instructions on how to do this under "Size info". Secondly read the discriptions on the website. I put a lot of efford in the discriptions so you have all the basic info right there.

Pre-order” – This is an option as a way to stand in line available for some items. There is a wait time depending on the item pre-ordered. The wait time, if known, is stated in the description. Wait times are not guaranteed and, specially during Covid, approximate and could be longer. If there is no date stated on the description of the eta, the wait time is unknown. If you can not put an item in your 'basket', that item can not be pre-ordered. You can email us for info on that item.

Indoor vs. outdoor roller skates” – All roller skates can be made to go either inside or outside. The durometer and the type of the wheels determines this.