Chaya Ruby

Chaya Ruby
Afbeelding van Chaya Ruby
Afbeelding van Chaya Ruby

High quality, vegan beginner derby skate

€ 160,-


These Chaya skates are great for beginners looking to start doing roller derby. This skate offers a superb platform without breaking the bank.

The boot is made from a composite material that is easy to maintain and also resistant to scratching. It is low cut for optimum maneuverability.

The Shari 3.0 plate ( 20º) on these Ruby skates bring a mix of nylon and fiberglass and are durable and lightweight. The Power toe system gives you more power, speed and control and keeps a slight pre-tension in your muscles which lets you react quicker.

The Octo Edge wheels on the Ruby have a 92A durometer and a shape that is aimed at providing beginners with an easy-to-skate wheel that is usable on many different surface types.

The Cherry Toe stopper gives you added control and maneuverability. The semi soft Jelly Interlock cushions balance comfort and control. The Wicked ABEC bearings provide effortless roll and speed.

This is an European sized boot. We advice ALWAYS to try on skates for size before buying.


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