Chaya Park Grindplate

Chaya Park Grindplate
Afbeelding van Chaya Park Grindplate
Afbeelding van Chaya Park Grindplate
Afbeelding van Chaya Park Grindplate

Grind plate fits with Chaya Shari plate. ​You want to go into a skatepark and try some grinds? No problem, with the CHAYA Park Grindplate you have now the possibility to make your CHAYA Shari Plate grindable!

€ 50,-


The first asymmetrical grind block on the market, Chaya Grind Blocks are a strong nylon / fiberglass composite with a raised backside plate that opens up a whole library of new tricks by allowing two points of contact on one skate...and you can reverse them for even more! Beginners can set the raised plate on the insides of their skates for introductory tricks and better stability while advanced shredders can flip one or both to the outside, which allows for even more exciting one-footed and cross-legged grinds and stalls!

Currently compatible ONLY with Chaya Shari Plates! The Shari is the basic nylon plate from CHAYA which is already mounted on following rollerskates:

CHAYA Sapphire
CHAYA Emerald
CHAYA Lifestyle Collection (with Shari Nylon Plate)

The grind plate was developed together with CHAYA Karma Park Skate so it will perfectly fit on them!

Small = Plate Sizes 3 - 5, boot size 36-39

Medium = Plate Sizes 6 - 10, boot size 40-44

Large = Plate Sizes 11 & 12, boot size 45-46

Chaya expects to have an adapter allowing installation on Chaya Shiva, Ophira, and Zena Plates by end of the year.

Check the second part of this video to see how to mount your grind plates ->


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