Chaya Firebolts

Chaya Firebolts
Afbeelding van Chaya Firebolts

They will set your park skating on fire!

€ 32,50


The Chaya Firebolt park wheel is a high quality wheel built and designed for park skating, at an affordable price. At the perfect size and hardness for park skating (58mmx32mm, 100A) this wheel is fast and hard yet precise thanks to the response and rebound of the PU. The curved edge of the wheel gives the perfect feel for tricks and grinds.

If you don't want to break the bank but might want to break a leg for going so fast ;)

  • Size: 58mm x 32mm
  • Hardness: 100a
  • Intended use: skate park
  • Sold as: set of 4


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