What about the Roller Derby World cup?

Manchester 2018 - An omnibus on going to the world cup
19 January 2018

The Roller derby World Cup is right around the corner!

In the run-up to this crazy and magnificent event hosted by Rainy City Roller Derby in Manchester UK, we asked different attendees to tell you their story.
It's about how they got chosen, elected, dragged in. About preparation, dedication and working your ass off for this sport we all love. It's their story of going to the World Cup in Manchester.

First one in this collection is Nasty Moves. She has been selected to announce at the RDWC. She has a long history of skating and has been with Amsterdam Roller Derby for 7 years now. Her second love in derby is announcing.

We also asked Welmo to tell her tale of attending the World Cup as an NSO. She is a very skilled NSO who started her career in Utrecht. She's a eloquent writer, so we know you'll enjoy her story.

Where would we be without refs! Where would we be without one of the best refs we have in NL, Hoarse Whistler. He trains mostly with Roller Derby Groningen, but as a true ref you can run in to him (I did that once at a game quit literally) all over NL and the rest of Europe or the world for that matter.

To hear the story of a skater, we asked no other than Kid Block from the London Roller Girls and off course Team England to share her story with us. What did she do to prepare? What is her highlight going into this roller coaster derby event? You will soon read it here.

This won't be the last of the RDWC stories you will read here. Stay tuned for more!