First blog post

I started derby almost 8 years ago....
01 February 2017

No, this is not going to be a longread, even though 7+ years has a lot of derby, derby-firsts,personal-firsts, highs, lows and gear. Loads of gear.

So why isn't it loads of words then?Because I'm not a writer. I'm actually more of a talker, as you might know ;)

So I'm a talker and I want to tell you about everything I found in derby and found out about derby, andlearned from derby.

I learned that I am part ofderby, one of the many parts of derby that make derby, derby.

There are parts that know all aboutsetting up a major event, there are parts that know everything abouthow to train and what strategies to use. There are parts that areabout connecting and getting people together. There are parts thatskate, skate, skate and skate some more. There are parts that aresilent, in the back ground, working on supporting systems for theirleague. There are parts that are supporting, loudly, in your face, atevery game. There are parts that get shit done. And there are partsthat know everything there is to know about gear.

And that's me. I am that part of derby.

And I want to share the benefitsof that part with you.

So that's why I'm going to write,even though I'm not a writer. I want to share what I know most about, with you, the reader. I will also share more about the parts of derby that I work closely together with, in some of my future blogs.

And you can find all that here. :)

Picture by Jurifoto