Barefoot Booties

Barefoot Booties
Afbeelding van Barefoot Booties
Afbeelding van Barefoot Booties

Barefoot Booties

€ 20,-


For anyone skating barefoot, has trouble with blisters or scrapes or just looking for more comfort these booties are designed for comfort and performance.

Either from Luigino or Powerslide, depending on where they are in stock.


  • Neoprene outer with a soft absorbing inner
  • 2mm allows a more snug fitting boot
  • Excellent barefoot replacement
  • Improved comfort
  • Reduced blisters
  • Easier Break-in on new boots
  • Better longevity of your boots (vs. using barefoot)
  • Increased performance over socks

XS = 31-34

S = 34-37

M = 37-40

L = 40-43

XL = 43-46


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