Deadbolt Grand Slams

Deadbolt Grand Slams
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Deadbolt Grand Slams kneepads

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Innovation was the key for Deadbolt when designing their new product range. Knee pads that are designed to take the most brutal impacts and stay securely strapped to your leg giving protection to the end and with the all new Grand Slampads that's exactly what you get!

Innovative strapping systems made with high grade elastic, have been added to allow for maximum comfort when in use and with dual layered, memory foam padding you'll be surprised by their slim-line appearance. As the foam and protective caps can be removed so simply, it makes washing your knee pads a dream.

The Grand Slam Pad features a clear, non marking cap that can be customised or replaced with a DeadBolt Cap Tatt. The pad offers a smaller profile than previous models yet retains the high density foam for protection and a memory foam inner for ultimate comfort and accuracy of fit. The cap is removable to allow for replacement and washing.

The guys over at Deadbolt are skaters themselves so understand what skaters need in terms of protection and style.

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